The Present State of Rankings in Philosophy

Currently, there are no rankings of graduate programs and departments in philosophy that are not controversial.  On this site we will explore why this is the case, and offer options for prospective graduate students and academics seeking information about philosophy programs and departments.  Below is a statement on rankings from the American Philosophical Association, the largest organization of professional philosophers in the United states.  The statement is located on the APA’s site, here.


The following statement was prepared by the committee on the status and future of the  profession (Peter French, chair) and approved by the board of officers at its 2003 meeting. This statement was updated at the 2009 board of officers meeting. 

The American Philosophical Association does not rank departments of philosophy and their graduate and/or undergraduate programs nor does it sponsor or endorse any rankings of philosophy departments or programs that are compiled by others.

The American Philosophical Association recognizes that there is often a need for comparative information about departments and programs. It therefore encourages students and administrators seeking such information not to rely on any single source but rather to check a wide variety of sources and to consider each source critically. General information can be found in the APA’s Guide to Graduate Programs in Philosophy. The APA also encourages people seeking comparative information about departments and programs to use the links on the APA website to examine the graduate programs offered by various departments, and to consult with chairpersons or graduate directors.

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